Wakeboarding and Water Skiing

I love to wakeboard! Something about gliding over the water behind the boat with the thrill of speed and jumping really gets me going.

I married into a water skiing family. Nichole is a great water skier. So are her dad and  sister.

I hope one day our girls will be comfortable on wakeboards, but in the meantime we’re teaching them how to water ski.

Holland started when she was 4 years old. She’s 8 now so she’s been at it for 4 years.

Remi started when she was 3. She’s now 6.

Dutchlin turned 2 in January and she’s been out behind the boat on a floating ski twice this year.

Here are videos of them all from a lake session last week.

Here’s Dutchlin:

Here’s Holland:

And here’s Remi:

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