Too Cheesy To Be A Title

You know how you hesitate to do something until you feel like you can do it perfectly or under the perfect circumstances?

That’s how I’ve felt about blogging. I like the concept of putting my thoughts on e-paper, but I’ve felt like I need a cooler blog design or more pictures etc.

Well, no more. I’m doing it! Here I am, blogging for the first time with the default wordpress theme. I guess I can change things as I go.

Today I cuddled with all 4 of my girls. Holland and Remi and I cuddled on the trampoline after jumping and trying out 360’s. They are trying to help me perfect my 360 on the tramp so that I can soon land it behind the boat.

Dutchlin and I cuddled while watching a movie. She’s a tough one to pin down right now, so I feel lucky she had some time for me.

And, of course, Nichole and I got to cuddle on the bed while the girls jumped on and off and generally had adventures at our expense.

Do I cuddle my kids enough? I have to wonder if they’re getting enough physical contact from me so that they know how much I love them and want to protect them. Putting them in a bubble (which I’ve been tempted to do and probably will be more so as they grow up) doesn’t have the same effect as putting them in my arms for at least a few minutes every day.

I hope as they grow up they can, at least subconsciously, feel protected and supported when they’re around me, and know there’s a safety net always available for them when they’re away from me.

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