There Be Dragons

There are dragons in my house. And they’re getting bigger. And meaner.

For some reason, kindness isn’t even an option in the morning for Holland and Remi. The default seems to be to spit fire and bare fangs.

This morning they fought over how many bagels to take to school for lunch, who got the last bag of Famous Amos cookies, singing too loudly, and existing. This is all in the span of about 25 minutes. Yikes!

Then I’m sending them into the world; unleashing their fury on unsuspecting teachers and classmates. “Be gone from here, dragons, and may your terrible temper be turned to social injustices and villainy, instead of who gets the sink first to brush teeth!”

I’m thinking of instituting a gag order until they leave for school. The only problem with that is the volumes they can speak with just a glance. Holy moly!

Anyway, this time of year I’m glad their wrath is caged in classrooms fortified by the patience of awesome teachers. Thank you for your bravery.

And I ate the last bag of Famous Amos cookies. Holland Dragon

Remi Dragon

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