In For A Penny, In For A Hash Tag?

Maybe I’m getting old. Maybe I’m just lazy.

I don’t understand why we’re using the term “hash tag” instead of “pound” when we mention another user on twitter using this symbol: #

If someone can explain to me why we use “hash tag” I would really appreciate it.

Let me make my case for using the term “pound.”

1. It’s easier to say. You’re only using 1 syllable instead of 2. Takes less breath, less time and less mental processing power. It seems to me, chronic twitter users could use as much extra processing power as they can get.

2. It’s cool to say. Let’s imagine you think you’re hot stuff and you’d like to trend on twitter. Wouldn’t it be cooler to say, “Hey, poundĀ ‘jmstull’ on twitter!” instead of, “Hey, hash tag ‘jmstull’ on twitter.” You could even shorten it to, “Hey, pound me!” Sounds cool, right?

3. The word “pound” already has some weight behind it. (Sorry, had to get that one in!)

4. When I want to fist bump with my kids I’ll tell them to pound it. Fist bumping is today’s equivelant of the high-five from the eighties. The twitter “pound’ is basically a digital fist bump.

So, those are my reasons. I’ve probably spent too much time thinking about this, but I feel the moreĀ mental power we can help our kids (aka; The Future) save the better.

There you go. #pound


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