I’m Not A Princess!

I’ll come right out and say it…I have flat feet. They’re flatter than pancakes. It makes running painful, walking painful, and my shoes wear in weird places. I have to buy special running shoes.

Now, I’m not a great runner, right now, but I’ve been a runner in the past and I like the idea of being able to run a 5k, 10k, or even a half marathon.

Still, flat feet are pretty much a bummer.

Until I discovered something amazing!

Before I reveal the amazing something, let me build some tension…

Remember the story about the princess and the pea? Where she’s tested by sleeping on a huge stack of mattresses all piled on top of a little pea. If she felt the pea she would be a true princess and worthy of marrying the prince.

Spoiler: she felt the pea and they lived happily ever after. Except that they had to buy new mattresses every few days because she was so sensitive.

Anyway, the girls have been working on bead projects. They’re making necklaces, bracelets,┬átiaras, earrings, leashes and all sorts of fun bead projects.

What do you get when you mix a bunch of beads, three little girls and a couple of klutzy adults? Beads spilled everywhere!

All sizes, all shapes, all colors, all over the kitchen floor and some on the carpet in the living room.

We vacuumed and scoured the floors on hands and knees, but there were still beads everywhere.

Suddenly, my big flat feet started discovering all the beads. I have more surface area touching the floor, so my feet started feeling everything. I found every stray bead there was to find.

The girls told me to step in every corner so I wouldn’t miss any.

We got all the beads; except for the one Nichole just kicked across the kitchen.


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